Coronavirus Contingency: Online Jewish Studies Learning Options

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Aleph Beta offers video-based commentary, including multiple years of animated parsha series, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah class, holiday lectures, advanced courses, and live webinars. 

Audience: Both beginner and advanced learners.

Medium: Many options, including 10-minute stand alone lectures and multiple-part hours-long lectures. Our premium and educator memberships include supplements for the courses.

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Behrman House offers Hebrew apps and online games that support a variety of course work in Hebrew.

Audience: Grades 2-6.

Medium: Flash videos, app-based learning

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Bonim B'Yachad works with Jewish day schools to create personalized live online courses in both Judaic and General studies subjects

Audience: Students in grades 3-12. 

Medium: All of our online courses take place live, according to each school's schedule and are designed in partnership with the schools. Our goal is for the online courses to fit seamlessly into the school's academic curriculum. In many ways, our teachers become part of the school's faculty. Most have school email accounts and many of our courses are integrated into the school's LMS. It really is a true partnership for the benefit of the students.

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Dah Bear  offers free online Hebrew language learning tool that enables educators to create word lists of Hebrew vocabulary terms that are translated into Hebrew (for Ivrit B’Ivrit), English, or pictures. Students can access and study these lists through games, flashcards, and quizzes. Educators can send students links to their lists or create linked student accounts (this allows the teacher to track student progress).

Audience: Teachers and students, K-12.

Medium: Website, optimized for mobile use.

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iTaLAM provides a comprehensive, blended-learning, full-year curriculum in Hebrew language and Jewish heritage, including units on Shabbat, holidays, Torah, and Israel, with modules appropriate for all religious streams, a Learning Management System that promotes differentiated learning, and intensive teacher training.

Audience: Students in Grades 1 - 5

Medium: Interactive online learning, including individually-paced language and Jewish content programs, games, and songs, supported by print workbooks (available online); synchronous and asynchronous learning guided online by teachers; group learning; and extensive online teacher training.

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JETS Blended Learning Bank offers online learning for students and parents in elementary and high school on topics ranging from Jewish holidays, meaningful Jewish events and people, and periods of significance on the Jewish calendar.

Audience: There are courses for students ranging in age from 3rd grade to 12th grade, and a parent online learning course as well.

Medium: This platform combines interactive online learning, video tours, and video messages to engage the learner.

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Jewish Interactive provides over 10,000 online digital interactive Jewish and Hebrew learning activities on the JiTap platform. Students can play AND create learning activities on a range of Hebrew language and Jewish Studies content areas. Ji has organized free resources, and webinars for how to use them, on their Home Learning Resource Page.

Audience: Online learning activities and courses are designed for ages 4-12 years old. The listed webinars are targeted for elementary school-age teachers and principals. Teachers will need limited technology background to access the platform’s resources or participate in webinars.

Medium: A range of webinars focusing on different skills needed to utilize the JiTap platform within different distance learning formats.

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Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy is a project of the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education in Bar Ilan University and offers more than 30 online Judaic studies and Limudei Kodesh courses for students, ranging in topic from Tanach, Jewish History, Ethics, Leadership and more.

Audience: Students in grades 6-12. There are offerings for both community schools as well as yeshiva day schools.  

Medium: Courses combine both live and "not live" (synchronous and asynchronous) learning. Students can work independently at flexible times on coursework and will also have regular live meetings with their teacher at times that are mutually agreed upon with the school. Courses are typically either 6 weeks, semester long, or year long. Courses include online study guides, interactive modules, video clips, assignments and project-based assessments.  All courses are teacher-led and our teachers are fully responsible for all assessment and communication with the school. Throughout the course, course instructors provide feedback, support and guidance to the students.

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Project Zug, a program of Hadar, empowers Jews to take ownership over their learning through one-on-one havruta learning. It is for people of all backgrounds and allows you to learn on your schedule from the comfort of your own home.

Audience: High school, faculty

Medium: Courses are either 4 or 10 sessions long, with 4 videos. Each session has a pdf handout  that includes questions and context as well as the texts themselves. The havruta pair learns the handout together, and it is designed to be learned in 30-45 min. Each course features 4 short, high quality videos of the educator offering background and framing for the learning. Study can be done online through video chat. We provide high-quality content through curated study sheets and videos on a wide variety of topics.

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ShalomLearning is a nonprofit providing curriculum and support to Jewish educators in North America. We offer a values-based curriculum and Hebrew programs (learn to read and prayers) for real-time virtual classes as well as online Hebrew activities that can be done independently. We can provide virtual teachers if needed.

Audience: Grades K-2 for family education, Grades 3-7 for virtual class or online, self-paced learning.

Medium: Downloadable curriculum that your teacher (or our teacher) can deliver in a virtual classroom (e.g. Zoom) classrooms for synchronous learning or students can log in online for asynchronous learning. 

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Torah Learning Center (TLC) is an online learning framework for schools that are looking to transition to online learning for the duration of COVID-19. The framework is built to allow teachers to run a virtual classroom where they can create lessons using many types of media (videos, worksheets, interactive quizzes, etc.), interact with students using built-in conferencing, and track student grades and attendance. The framework also offers device filtering and monitoring to ensure that your students’ are safe on the web.

For schools that are looking to set up a remote General Studies program, TLC has a large database of pre-made accredited coursework that can be imported into the framework and customized to fit with the school's curriculum. One of the many benefits to this program is that each student can learn on their own level, at their own pace, and at whatever time is most convenient while the teacher monitors their progress and is available for assistance. Additionally, the framework provides the flexibility for students to continue into the summer months from any location if necessary.

Audience: The framework is available for all grades. The General Studies coursework is available for grades 6-12.

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Torah Live offers online video-based courses on dozens of topics each with accompanying quizzes, supplementary materials, topic-related games, and teacher presentation notes.

Audience: Children, aged 9-16

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VHS Learning offers more than 220 unique general studies core, elective and credit recovery courses, including more than 20 AP courses and 21 Judaic studies courses

 Audience: Students at the middle school and high school level. 

Medium: All courses are conducted entirely online. Only internet access is needed.

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Additional online Jewish video providers