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Collected Item: “Sign and Candles at Supreme Court Memorial for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg”


Sign and Candles at Supreme Court Memorial for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


In this photo, taken on the evening of September 19th at 10:26 PM, there are candles lit that illuminate a sign that rests against the shrubbery right next to the steps of the Supreme Court building. The sign reads, "May her memory be a revolution," calling upon Justice Ginsburg's reliance on the line from the Torah that she kept framed in her chambers there- "Tzedek, tzedek tirdof" or "Justice, justice you shall pursue" and putting an inspiring spin on the traditional Jewish sentiment "May her memory be a blessing". In light of the recent unrest and pursuit of social justice in America, many Jewish people have been using this phrase to inspire change in honor of those that have been lost, and it was incredibly fitting for use in honoring Justice Ginsburg. This photo was taken at a memorial held in her honor on the steps of the Supreme Court building the night after news broke on the evening of Rosh Hashanah to the American public of her passing.





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