Prepared for Rosh Hashanah 5781

Prepared for Rosh Hashanah 5781
To prepare for virtual Rosh Hashanah morning services, I decorated my desk with Jewish art, objects, and a picture of my family in order to foster the feeling of being in a sacred space.

Image description: A white desk in front of a window that looks out onto a sunny cul-de-sac. Propped against the windowsill on the desk from left to right is a small painting of a hamsa, a gay pride-decorated golem doll, an art print with the modah/eh ani prayer, a picture of five smiling people, a print with a Jewish man and an Arab man holding a banner that says "God is Love" in rainbow print, a black print with white lettering that says "Everyday a person must renew themselves" in Hebrew over and over again, and a small pink wooden tulip. In front of these objects on the desk, there is a closed laptop with a small pomegranate sculpture to the left and a URJ Chumash to the right.
Date Created
September 19, 2020