Jews United for Justice, Interview #2



Jews United for Justice, Interview #2


The Baltimore chapter of Jews United for Justice, (JUFJ) is a grassroots community that seeks to repair the world by working locally for social, racial, and economic justice. A housing crisis in on the horizon. In this moment of uncertainty, it is critical to make sure our Baltimore City government protects its most vulnerable residents. During this crisis JUFJ, which organizes Jews around local policy issues, is mobilizing our community and using our power to amplify the voices and needs of those most directly impacted by injustice. JUFJ continues to organize for valuable housing protections. With our partners, we won an eviction moratorium to last until 90 days after the crisis. We are working to extend that. Our coalition is also advocated for late fees cancellations, rent rates to be frozen, and for additional money for rental assistance from the state and city government. Thanks in part to our advocacy, 300 of 700 people in the Baltimore shelter system are in hotels. We continue to work with our partners to get everyone using the shelter system into safe housing now. The CSRC grant will help support our efforts to bring about a more just housing system in Baltimore. Additionally, we will partner with the CSRC by providing an internship opportunity for 1-2 Morgan students to work collaboratively with our organization and with our partners: the Public Justice Center to learn about professional careers in organizing, advocacy, and legal support as interconnected activities.

Table Of Contents

"45 seconds: Updates on the organization since the last interview
6:10: Discussion of the organization
13:77: Story about Rabbi Heschel
14:40: Jews history of engaging in social justice movements
15:29: Further discussion on being engaged in movements
17:00: Brief discussion on intersectionality
20:30: Further discussion on intersectionality
21:44: Why is it important to have conversations about unification/being allies
23:45: Systematic problem of renters
28:07: Other initiatives organization has made due to coronavirus pandemic
29:38: quote ""3rd of the residents in Baltimore can't afford their water""
30:12: Important quote ""water is a necessity""
30:50: quote ""water is used as a weapon by some landlords""
36:30: Discussion on if anything impacted the organization due to social distancing
39:22: Discussion on how to keep people engaged when the world is the way it currently is
41:00: Discussion on bills the organization is currently trying to get passed
45:10: Discussion on the workshops on defunding the police
46:00 : quote ""Local control of police"" needed
47:37 : How has the organization maintained a sense of community during the pandemic "

Date Created

October 13, 2020


Abel Gomez
Ariel Mejia
Kayla Wheeler (Advisor)


Rianna Lloyd


Jews United for Justice






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Abraham Joshua Heschel
housing justice
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