Asian Mosaic Fund, Interview 1



Asian Mosaic Fund, Interview 1


The Asian Mosaic Fund (AMF) is a diverse group of multi-generational supporters committed to advancing the well-being of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in Greater Philadelphia. The AMF Giving Circle launched the AAPI Communities Relief & Recovery Fund in partnership with Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, Philadelphia Chapter (AAPIP Philadelphia). The fund aims to create a multi-faceted and easily accessible responsive fund for the AAPI community impacted by COVID-19. Our focus is to provide emergency assistance and support for Asian-led-and-serving organizations seeking to access public and private rapid response funding; and providing mini-grants to those same organizations who are supporting the people in community who are most at-risk. Most recently, we prepared a needs assessment survey and shared it with all of our community partners to better understand the challenges each organization and the broader communities they serve are facing. We received an overwhelming response, which will help us in making data-driven decisions. Specifically, assistance from CSRC will help AMF distribute small grants to organizations that are working tirelessly to provide food assistance through food pantries and food delivery for families in desperate need, support immigrant and refugee families experiencing job loss without access to federal support, and other similar endeavors. We will prioritize funding to AAPI organizations providing essential provisions and direct services to AAPI immigrants and refugees, many of whom fall within the low and moderate-income populations. Our needs assessment survey revealed that most low-income individuals that we regularly support have lost their main sources of funding completely, while others have furloughed employees, and many have inadequate access to medical care and protective health equipment needed to continue their services. This stress is aggravated by lack of mental health services and increased racism and discrimination amid the outbreak.

Table Of Contents

"[00:04:00] Importance of supporting immigrant communities
[00:11:54] Pan-ethnic solidarity
[00:19:02] Building community and supporting mental health needs
[00:23:03] Building national connections with other Asian organizations
[00:28:36] General needs assessment
[00:30:39] Relief needs across ethnicity (food relief, translation services)
[00:35:18] Assessment of government response to pandemic
[0041:05] Coping with loss of life/grief

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September 10, 2020


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Asian Mosaic Fund


Asian Mosaic Fund






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